Hello friends!

Thank you for your interest in me and my work. 
After the Russian invasion of the territory of Ukraine,
I had to leave my beloved city, my husband, studio
and the whole familiar way of life.
Now I am safe in Spain with my dog ​​and am looking for space
for a studio so that I can start creating new paintings as soon as possible.


 Please donate if you have the opportunity!

I want to buy new tools for work: canvases, paints, stretchers and rent a studio.
I also continue to sell paintings that are in my studio in Lviv,
with which my assistant and the Ukrainian post office help me,
which does not stop working even during such difficult hours.
With love and best wishes,



Requisites for crediting charitable funds:

Please use Wise money transfer service

Account holder name: Victoria Belyakova
IBAN: BE48 9672 8075 3227
Address Wise: Avenue Louise 54, Room S52, Brussels 1050 Belgium
Details of payment: Humanitarian assistance


Please send your questions, inquiries to or use the form below.