In September 2022 I turned 40 years old, 31 years of which I have been drawing, 10 years ago my professional creative path began. For the last 6 years I have been living in Ukraine, in Lviv, in the city where I finally formed as a free, independent artist.

I strive to ensure that human feelings and experiences do not leave art, that the play of meanings does not overshadow other meanings, that the dialogue with the viewer does not end. And if we take the relevance of my works, as it was and will be, it is a metaphorical reflection of reality.

2022 was a turning point for me not only in my work, but also in my life, in the life of all Ukrainians and the entire world community. In February, on the eve of the invasion of Russian troops, paintings were created that seemed to be harbingers of the tragic events in Ukraine. They started a new creative cycle, the first part of which is called "Premonition".

Today I live and continue to work in Málaga, Spain.

Chronology of creative life before the start of the war:

In 2021, the global pandemic was reflected in the "Silence of Meanings" series of abstract paintings. The dazzling white, voluminous surfaces of the paintings are inspired by the art of ancient Greece, the work of Latin American artists, Italian neo-realists in cinema. In these living folds, space materializes and such a silence of meaning shines through, which is most valuable in any kind of art and no less important in the modern world of information load.

In 2019-2020, the dialogue between the culture of the past was devoted to the search for new plastic solutions and experiments with non-figurative painting. This is how the series of works "Terracotta Frescoes" appeared, referring to the fine arts of Pompeii.

In 2017 - 2018, reflections on the dramatic confrontation between culture and barbarism were displayed in the series "We Were Here". The painting technique of this series is in tune with the classic al fresco - as if the white chalk of the wall paintings appears through modern oil, sending the viewer to museums or the majestic ruins of the past.
The paintings of this cycle were shown in Kyiv in the art club "KHLAM" (Artists Authors Performers Musicians) as part of a project to get to know contemporary artists working in Ukraine, curated by Ganka Tretyak. And also the paintings visited the international fairs The Other Art Fair in Los Angeles, then in New York in 2018.

In 2016 she created a series of paintings "The Time of the Witnesses", which was influenced by the events in Aleppo and Palmyra and the death of the cultural heritage of one of the Eastern civilizations. The artistic reception of paintings, built on replicas of the great images of sculpture and painting, creates a modern space, insisting that history does not move linearly, that different eras overlap and live in our minds, giving rise to an amazing experience of multi-layered perception of culture and the reality around us. This series of paintings was shown at a solo exhibition in Krakow, Poland.

In 2016 she participated in the international exhibition "Under One Sky" of the Luciano Benetton Foundation. In the section “Looking to the East. Contemporary artists from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia and Uzbekistan.”

In 2015 she moved to Ukraine, to Lviv.

In 2014, she participated in the Dakar Biennale (Dak’Art 2014) as part of the project “The Art of Humanity” of the Luciano Benetton collection.

In 2013 she graduated from the art faculty of VGIK, specialty "Art Director of Film and TV", workshop of Professor A.N. Tolkachev. During her studies, she repeatedly took part in exhibitions and filming as an assistant to the production designer. She has worked as an illustrator and storyboard artist for film and commercials.

In 2012 she gave a series of lectures for young artists at the first international biennale of contemporary art Arsenale in Kyiv.

In 2011 she became the winner of the creative competition for young artists "Luck is an attitude" within the framework of the Martini Art Club project. The painting "Inside", presented at the exposition, was included in the international corporate collection of the Martini company.

In 2002 she graduated from the Moscow State Art Academy in memory of 1905, specializing in the design of the architectural and spatial environment.

Born in Moscow in 1982 in a family of artists.



Two views are merged together in Victoria`s creative work: the view of an artist and the view of a cinematographer. Classical epochs and styles interpreted by the artist based on contemporaneity are involved into their orbit. A dramatic confrontation comes to the fore between culture and barbarism, erosion of cultural space experienced by our world. Victoria studies history creating profound and composite images. She uses her own artist technique, characterized by the combination of different factures, elements of drawing and collage. The artist perceives the world as a palimpsest in which every epoch preserves its “cultural layer”.  Like camera focus Victoria`s artistic method aggregates not only several plans into perfect composition, but also turns ancient images, landscapes, remains of the Golden Age into a metaphor. Victoria works with “cultural memory”, inviting us to make a long way to comprehend great heritage of Art.     

 Art critic Jaroslava Khomenko




«The Other Art Fair». Brooklyn, New York, USA

«The Other Art Fair». Los Angeles, New York, USA


«We Were Here». Art club "KHLAM", Kyiv, Ukraine. ( Personal exhibition )

«Parisians». «Jazz Coffee Bar», Kyiv, Ukraine. ( Personal exhibition )


«Under One Sky». Dianxi Science and Technology Normal University, Lincang, China

«Time Of Witnesses». Residence “Rubinstein”, Krakow, Poland. ( Personal exhibition )


«France, Literature, Love». The “Zvezda” movie-house hall, Moscow, Russia.

«Secrets of parks.» Street gallery of the Tretyakov Gallery. Within the framework of the project “Night at the Museum”


«The Art of Humanity». Imago Mundi - Luciano Benetton Collection. Volkswagen Showroom, Dakar, Le Sénégal.

«Love». The exhibition hall of the Moscow Union of Artists, Moscow, Russia.


«The Cinema Artist». The exhibition hall of Slavonic Fund for Literature and Culture, Moscow, Russia.

«Literature classics in movie sketch» during the 33rd international festival of VGIK students’ films. Exhibition hall of the Fine Arts faculty, Moscow, Russia.


«Without halts». The exhibition hall of the State Museum and Exhibition Centre “ROSIZO”, Moscow, Russia. ( Personal exhibition )

«WeArt Weekend 1». WeART Gallery on Nikolina Gora, Moscow, Russia.

«On the road». The exhibition hall of the library reading room named after I.S.Turgenev, Moscow, Russia.

«The rapid drawing». The exhibition hall of VGIK Fine Arts faculty name after S. A. Gerasimov, Moscow, Russia.


«Luck is an attitude» in the frame of Martini Art Club project. “Pobeda” gallery, Moscow, Russia. (The winner of the competition.)

«Kinoartel». The exhibition hall SPACE at the Flakon design plant, Moscow, Russia.

«On the fourth floor». The exhibition hall of the Moscow State Academic School of Fine Arts, Moscow, Russia.


«Student Art Fair». The exhibition Hall of ARTPLAY Design Centre, Мoscow, Russia.


«The Theatre and the Cinema». Moscow Union of Artists youth exhibition. Exhibition hall at Kuznetsky Most, 20. Moscow, Russia.

«Movie Sketch» as part of the METRY International Youth Festival of short films and animation, Tver, Russia.

«The Best Works Of The School Of Cinema Students», part of the jubilee of the Faculty of Fine Arts. The exhibition hall of the State Kremlin Palace, Moscow, Russia


«Cinema on paper». The exhibition hall of the Theatrical Centre, Strastnoy Boulevard, Moscow, Russia.




The winner of the creative competition for young artists «Luck is an attitude», part of the Martini Art Club project in 2011